YG Fans Protest At Grammy Museum

My Krazy Life was YG’s debut album and it was very well received, going platinum and earning him a nationwide tour. His single ‘My Hitta’ was on the lips of nearly every young person since it hit radiowaves, yet he received no Grammy nomination for the organization’s 57th annual awards. YG felt snubbed a little bit and made his emotions know via social media, questioning the Grammy Academy nods in the Best Rap Album category. His young fans took notice of the snub as well and took matters into their own hands by ‘bicketing’ in front of the Grammy Museum in Downtown LA. The young protestors circled in front of the museum with signs that read ‘Bicking Back Bicketing’ and ‘My Grammy Loves YG.’ They also chanted ‘YG, Why Not!’ Powerful statement and actions from such young fans.

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