Wiz Khalifa & Amber Rose Have Baby

Is it just us or does it seem like Amber Rose has been pregnant for 15 months? Regardless, Amber Rose has finally given birth to her baby!

She welcomed a baby boy/ rosebud into the world Thursday by the name of Sebastian Taylor Thomaz, but she calls him by his nickname “The Bash.”   Wiz Khalifa announced the baby’s arrival on Twitter Thursday evening, just hours after he tweeted a photo of himself in scrubs with the caption, “It’s Daddy Time!”

check out what Amber and Wiz had to say about having an all natural birth &

I don’t want no medication. We take home birthing classes to teach us how to do it, and we’re gonna have our midwife, and when the baby’s head comes out, he’s gonna be Dr. Wiz. He’s gonna be the first person to touch the child. No doctors, no gloves.

I want those bragging rights! The next time Wiz has a stomach ache or anything, I’ll say, ‘I popped out a baby all-natural.

Wiz also recently revealed to MTV what he was most looking forward to after the baby’s birth:

I’m just looking forward to always havin’ that little guy waitin’ for me at home. He’s always going to be here for the rest of my life. So no matter what’s goin’ on, no matter what my day is like, I’m always going to have him.

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