New Video: Jhene Aiko ’Spotless Mind’

Jheneé Aiko has been blessed with such an effortless success. Her Sailing Souls album topped charts and she’s not slowing down any time soon. For her new video ’Spotless Mind,’ her beauty and success continues to shine through as she casts her real-life baby’s father as her love interest. Jheneé takes on many alter egos in the video and it is fun seeing here play different roles. The two parents on-screen chemistry is crazy, but Jhené is in an adorable relationship with music producer, Dot Da Genius. In an interview with VIBE Vixen, Jhené shares more about her relationship with O’Ryan:

“A lot of people think my songs are about him and they’re not … When we had Nami, it was like we were already family. We weren’t together but we had always been friends. There are things we still have to work out but for the most part, I look at him and this is weird to say, but I literally look at him like a brother. It’s truly unconditional no matter who I meet. If I get married, he gets married, he has more kids, I have more kids, he will always be family.”

Get into the video below.