VIDEO: Diddy Talks REVOLT Network Launch

With the Launch of his new network ‘REVOLT ‘ Diddy is set to once again

Diddy on The Breakfast Club 2013

take the music industry by storm. He stopped by Power 105 to talk about how his new network will be different from BET, MTV, and VH1 in that it will actually have a music focus. Videos will be played in their entirety not just 90 second snippets we’re getting on 106 & Park nowdays.


Peep the excerpts below:

On why he decided to launch his own network I really went  the ‘brand’ route. I really put a bet on music and a bet on technology. When I  started seeing the festivals go from one weekend to two weekends and just as far as the way music is consumed at an all-time high right now, if you think  about it, in about five years, television will actually be everywhere. It  will be on your mobile devices, it will be worldwide. So that’s really the  opportunity that I saw. I saw that there was no ESPN of music. There was no CNN  of music. There was no one trusted destination.

On MTV & VH1 moving away from music and videos They  changed their business plan. Sometimes  you gotta focus and be one thing and do one thing great and that’s what  we’re gonna do with music. Our whole thing is having  enough fearlessness to play  what doesn’t normally get played. Different  alternative artists are  multi-genre…especially in hip hop. Travis Scott, or  let’s say back in the day  two years ago A$AP Rocky. Like when people were just  discovering them on  YouTube, we’re gonna really kind of curate it and be a  platform for new aspiring  artists to grow, for graphic designers, for shooters,  really for the culture,  but we’re gonna raise the bar from a performance level and from a video level to make sure that  we have a  bar of excellence that you have to achieve in order to get played on  REVOLT.

My whole staff is young. We don’t have a whole lot of veterans. We don’t have  new rules, we have no rules.

On starting off as an intern & dreaming of a bigger  future It was less than 200 years [ago] that we were slaves. I was  really affected by that movie [’12 Years a Slave’] and you gotta understand, I  started out as an intern, man. I started out getting coffee, cleaning bathrooms. I started out sneaking on the train from Howard  University, and this is really a dream come true. It’s bigger than me. There’s  a  lot of people out there that want to be somebody, and it really shows that if you put that hard work into it, you can  really get it. I got the same 24 hours as y’all do. We all got the same 24  hours. I just want this network to inspire people all over the world that it  can  be done. This is the most fearless generation of all time. They’ve  basically  said, ‘Eff everything. We gon’ go out there and get it on our own,’ and we want  to embrace that whole movement. I used to walk around and just talk  to myself,  walking from one job to another and I would just be talking to  myself. Talking  about the things that I [dreamed] and that I wanted to be. This  right here goes  out to all the people, y’all know who y’all are, and y’all know  what I’m talking  about. Talking to yourself about how you want to get it and  what you want to be  and this is something that’s big. People don’t have  networks.

On what he learned from OWN One of the things I learned  was that I had to be in the office early. I had to get in there and really work  with people to get them to understand what I was doing, was something new. I  didn’t want them to just — ’cause I hired the best of the best as far as the  team perspective — but I didn’t want them to bring their old ways. I wanted  them  to bring their infrastructure, but a new way of thinking.[…] The thing I  paid  attention to with the Oprah network was make sure people understand that  this is  not the Diddy network. I won’t be all over the network. The network  will be  different, young, new, fresh faces. My label and myself will be held to a bar, the same bar of  excellence and scrutiny that all the other videos and musical content are.

On coming back to being happy and not so serious You know  that recession when it was going down, I had to get serious. I’ve definitely  been having some personal breakthroughs in my life and just on a man in the  mirror side of things and taking accountability for me being happy, me being  balanced, and me growing as a person. I think when you get closer to God you’re  happier and when you get closer to the knowledge of yourself and you’re not  afraid to go on that journey to find out how messed up you are, how good you  are, but your overall result is that you want to be a better man and a better  father and it puts you in that spirit.

On Marriage I’m just closer to growing up. I’m not  against marriage. I think people think that’s something I’m against. I just  wanna do it when I’m ready to do it. But what I’m ready to do today is I’m  ready  to launch this network! I’m happy though.

On NYC hip hop Our competitive nature and a lot of the  music lost it’s soul. Like, the track ain’t hot. You can’t start out and the  track ain’t hot. So, the New York style of producing changed. A lot of people  abandoned it and got confused and the whole dance movement and the whole turn up movement in Atlanta or  whatever, and New York tried to conform. Conformity of music of any art form is the death of it. New York artists at the  end of the day, we still I feel this is still a home of hip hop but at the same  time we lost our championship. We lost our dynasty of it. That’s just real  talk.  I think that the other regions put their soul into it. When you hear  Future,  that’s really him baring his soul. And it starts with the track. The  track is  fire. It’s where he’s from, but we don’t make stuff that’s authentic  to us  anymore or where we’re from. It ain’t a lot of dope MCs that have gotten  a  chance. We can’t blame nobody but ourselves. I can’t even blame the radio  station because I feel like there’s some stuff that we haven’t delivered that  was hotter than the other region’s music.

On Kendrick Lamar I was a king before Kendrick and I’ll  be a king after Kendrick. I think that Kendrick is a young king. I think that  people use the words too lightly, but if you know the whole knowledge of back  in  the day of the Tudors and the crowns, you had to go and get that. He put it  on  the game so I feel like he deserves it. He ain’t the king of New York,  though.  I’m the king of New York. That’s what it is.

On Jay Z being King of NY too That’s my boy and we  congratulate each other, but on this New York thing, he can be king of  Brooklyn.*laughs* Nah, that’s my man Hov. But this year I am the king of New  York, you gotta give me that. If not I’ll take it.