After Kolin Kaepernicks’s recent stand against the US Anthem for it’s failure to recognize the heinous murders of innocent civilians by the hands of the police, a few other athletes have been following in his footsteps by either locking arms, kneeling with him or powerfully throwing the fist up in the air. However..

usher7Usher Raymond (singer, dancer, actor and now activist) is bringing us his new line of T-shirts that does the speaking for us.  I think it is really cool to see Usher taking a stand against the brutality that is happening around the United States, mainly in impoverished neighborhoods, and against our young black men.  Usher has two sons of his own who will soon become teenagers and then adults.  The time is now to get things in order or our children and their children will continue to have to suffer at the hands of those who are here to protect and to serve.

Often times, other races outside of the African-American community get so deeply offended at our use of the 1st Amendment, but the way Usher is using his is very smart.  What better way to get your point across than to be a walking, talking and dancing billboard.  As these issues continue to rise in America, it is important for all of us to find our voice because our kids will have to fight once we are gone.  My hopes for posting this, is to get the readers more involved because police brutality can happen right at our front door or in our backyard.  Know your rights and know the issues that are plaguing our communities.  Contribute to the cause by purchasing a few of Usher’s Tees and let them do the speaking for you.  #findyourvoice #dontrumpamerica #donaldchump

Also be sure to cop his new album Hard II Love available on Itunes, Amazon, Tidal and In stores NOW!!!  Visit for more details

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Usher has teamed up with Teespring, a custom apparel platform, to offer limited-edition “Don’t Trump America” apparel to fans. Hoodies, tanks and tees will be available for one week only with proceeds benefiting Pencils of Promise, a nonprofit geared toward building educational infrastructure in developing areas, and Usher’s New Look, a public charity offering mentorship and leadership development programs for middle schoolers, high schoolers and college students.