Don’t Trump America

As many of you may have already heard and seen, Melania Trump, spoke last night at the Republican National Convention.  After she was done, she received an out pour of cheers and applause for her speech which seemed to touch and inspire everyone even if you are not a Trump supporter.  Here’s the catch though:

Prior to her speech, Melania interviewed with NBC News and told everyone “I wrote it”, and with a ‘little bit of help’ of course.  However, after listening to the speech below and comparing it to Michelle Obama’s Democratic National Convention Speech from 2008, it seems as though she had ALOT of help (c’mon son).  The speeches are identical and what bothers me the most is the fact that she is speaking on working hard for what you want in life, your word is your bond and inspiring children of this nation to reach for their dreams.  Your husband has old money.. im talking crypt keeper old…what struggling can you or him relate to?  no worries.. i’ll wait!

After this lil debacle, i really have no respect for the Trump campaign and see this whole movement as a joke.  If you haven’t been on twitter lately, now might be the time to get a good laugh on the trending hashtag #famousmelaniatrumpquotes  LOL people like Jesse Williams are going in on, and just like her speech, Trump’s campaign is a joke!!!

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