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Suge Knight Kills Friend In Hit-And-Run

Trouble and Suge Knight have been hand-in-hand since the days of Death Row and now it seems all of this trouble has caught up with him. While paying a visit to the ‘NWA’ biopic set in Compton, Suge Knight got into an altercation with two men. After the physical altercation, Knight attempted to leave the scene in a rage in his vehicle when he put reversed the car and sped off. A friend who came with Knight to the set, Terry Carter, was trying to get to the passenger side of the car when Knight backed into him, ran him over and drove away. Carter later died from his extensive injuries. Suge Knight managed to hit two other bystanders who were not seriously hurt. Early Friday morning, Suge Knight turned himself into the L.A. Sheriff’s office where he was formally charged with murder and given a $2 million bail. The story is still developing and we know there will be more information soon to come. Watch the clips below to get more about the whole ordeal.

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August Alsina Gets Into Altercation After Performance

R&B Crooner August Alsina always seems to find himself in trouble no matter where he performs. Over the weekend while performing at the “State of Emergency 2” concert in St. Louis, Alsina and his crew got into an altercation with the show’s promoter, Loose Cannon Slim. The confrontation stemmed from August’s late arrival to the venue and it escalated to a heated argument. Tension got thicker when Alsina’s security stepped in to diffuse but only made things worse. Air punches were thrown. The irony in all of this you ask? The concert benefited the anti-violence initiative by the Put Down The Pistol campaign. Thanks August and all others involve for defying the intent of what you were there for. It wouldn’t be right if it wasn’t caught on tape. Watch a clip of the altercation below.

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Manny Pacquiao Agrees To Terms For Floyd Mayweather Match

Another match between Money Mayweather and PacMan is looking more like a possibility. Manny Pacquiao has finally agreed to the contract terms to fight Floyd Mayweather after negotiations lead by his promotions team panned out pretty well. The contract says Pacquiao will take 40 percent of the fight’s revenue while Mayweather will get the remaining 60 percent. PacMan also agreed to undergo drug-testing. Although Mayweather has not yet agreed to the fight terms, the two networks each fighter is in contract with, HBO and Showtime, are willing to do a joint pay-per-view event.

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Shots Ring Out At Chris Brown Appearance

While hosting a ‘Capricorn Bash’ at a club in San Jose, California, Chris Brown was rushed off stage by his security team when shots rang out from the crowd. Five people were shot during the altercation that took place a little after midnight on Saturday. Breezy was in the middle of performing his hit song ‘Loyal’ when a fight broke out, shortly followed by gunshots. All shooting victims have non-life threatening injuries and are expected to make a full recovery. Chris Brown tweeted out to fans that he was doing fine and was not hurt during the unfortunate event. Check out the exact moment Breezy noticed the fight right before shots were fired and the aftermath below.

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Usher Gets Into Fight At Nightclub

While celebrating the New Year in a Miami nightclub, Usher, being the gentleman he is, got a little overprotective of his fiancé. According to witnesses, a fan at the nightclub began heckling Usher while he was in VIP.  Usher completely ignored the fan until he began hurling insults toward Usher’s fiancé Grace Miguel. That’s when Usher pushed past security and took care of the issue…we mean fan. A few days later, Usher took to Instagram to post what looks to be a horrible eye injury with the caption ‘You should see the other guy!’ Now we don’t condone violence in any way but, way to defend your girl homie! Some of ya’ll should take notes!



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Diddy And Drake Involved In Altercation In Miami Over Weekend

During one of the many Art Basel parties going on in Miami over the weekend, Diddy and Drake had a minor altercation. It was first reported that the fight was over Drake speaking to Cassie but DJ Sam Sneaker confirmed that was far from the truth in a tweet:

It definitely wasn’t bout Cassie. Drake at the Hospital Smh. He dislocated his Shoulder. It’ll come out soon. Yall pray for Drake. Nigga caught a 3 Pc …Diddy put hands on that boy … And he Ain’t go 0-100 … That boy left.

Turns out that the scuffle was over a beat. The now Grammy-nominated ‘0-100’ beat that was originally given to Diddy. Miss Info confirmed the following from a close source:

According to an insider, the beat that caused this whole dispute is actually “0-100” by Boi-1da. Apparently Diddy was given that beat first, eventually sent it to Drake to put a verse on it, but as we all know Drake released “0-100” as a freestyle using the beat instead. Mr. X reports that the beat was made during a series of sessions in Miami where Puff flew Boi-1da down…but turned down the beat. Which would make it up for grabs

Whew! Music industry drama gets serious! Somehow in the altercation, Drake re-injured his shoulder and had to be hospitalized. Hoping he recovers well and maybe he and Diddy can work this out. Anywho, Drake when he hurt his shoulder maybe?