Suge Knight Suffering From Life-Threatning Blood Clots Following Not Guilty Plea

At Tuesday’s court appearance for Suge Knight’s murder charge, the former Death Row Records CEO sat in a defendant’s box next to his lawyers and plead not guilty to charges stemming from the fatal hit-and-run incident that took place last week. Throughout the session, Knight seemed uncomfortable and begin complaining about chest pain. It was first suspected he suffered a panic attack but it was later revealed he suffered a reaction to a potentially fatal blood clot. Knight was rushed to the hospital from the courthouse where he is still receiving treatment. He is under close watch while at the hospital and has been handcuffed to his hospital bed. Sources close to Knight reveal that the clots are a result of him being shot several times last summer at 1OAK during the Video Music Awards weekend. He has not had access to his medicine since being in jail and that may have caused the blood clots to form. More details are soon to come.