Snoop Dogg Is Facing Lawsuit For Cyberbullying

If you’re not following Uncle Snoop on Instagram, your life will never be fulfilled. The man posts the most hilarious pictures and memes all day long i.e., his post turned beef with Iggy Azalea that started a social media firestorm 2 months ago. Iggy was able to hold her own, but one of Snoop’s recent posts showing a non-celebrity with the tag ‘whose auntcle is this,’ is not going over so well. The man whose picture was used in the meme, Cortez Booze, took great offense to it and has decided to sue Snoop Dogg. Booze is saying that he has been the target of a lot of slander, hate, and gay-bashing from various social media users because of the post. He reported the picture as inappropriate to the Instagram police, but it remained on Snoop’s account. Since no action was taken there, Booze decided to let the court handle it. We know he’s just trying to have a little fun, but Uncle Snoop has gots to chill!! We hope everything works out for both sides. Check out the post below. What yall think?