Scarface Salutes DJ Khaled

Miami’s DJ Khaled teamed with Hip hop’s OGs Scarface and Jadakiss, newcomer Meek Mill and crooners Anthony Hamilton, John Legend and Akon on the street-tale“Never Surrender” from Khaled’s Suffering from Success.

Houston’s legend Brad Jordan salutes Khaled, on World Star Hip hop, for getting the job done as a producer.

“A lot of people get that fucked up. They think that a producer make beats and shit,” the Rap-A-Lot artist said. “No, a producer gets the job done.  Khaled is more of a producer than a whole bunch of motherfuckers that make beats, in my opinion.”

The South Park Village emcee’s opinion holds weight like a south side kingpin pushing kilos.

Mr. Scarface verse on “Never Surrender” reminisces on an incident that happened on the south side of  Houston about twenty years ago.  “The story that I wrote about was a story right here.  His homeboy, they was all in the house after a party, they was chilliln’ and kickin’ it, whatever, I guess.  Killed the homie, took the money, got him to open the safe, locked him back up in the house.   Twenty years ago, twenty-one years ago.  It’s the first time we’ve been back over here in these particular apartments.  I just felt like it was only right to show this shit, because this is like a pillar.”

Suffering from Success will be released Oct. 22.  The album also features Diddy, Rick Ross, Big Sean, Timbaland, Lil Wayne, Drake and more.

‘Face collaborated with Khaled on “Hip Hop from Khaled 2012 album Kiss the Ring

Words By: Darryl Robertson