Roland Martin is going on the Wendy Williams show, but why Sway???

Roland Martin is going on the Wendy Williams show this Thursday to discuss Wendy’s racist comments about HBCU’s and the NAACP.

On a previous Wendy Williams show, Wendy stated it was racist to have only black colleges, black organizations, and there wasn’t a need for either. Well when Roland got wind of her ignorance. He educated her, very quickly on the history of HBCU’s and the NAACP. He stated HBCU’s have a high rate of Caucasian attendance, and the NAACP was founded by Caucasians.

Because of Wendy’s lack of education on black history, she has lost several endorsement deals including GMC.

I hate to give her the extra views, but I know Roland Martin will get her all the way together.

The show is suppose to air Thursday on KRIV(FOX) at 10:00am or on KTXH (MY) at 3:00pm in Houston, TX.

If you’re not from Houston click the link to find your city’s show times.