Rihanna Becomes Most Viewed Artist On Youtube Ever

Rihanna has is one of the most talented and alluring women on the planet. And now she can add another check to her long list of accomplishments. She has officially become the most viewed artist on YouTube. As of today, the total views on her official VEVO channel containing 77 videos have surpassed 3.784 billion

beating out the total view count of the 79 videos on Justin Bieber’s official VEVO channel by about two million views. RiRi also has 8.73 million subscribers on YouTube, 3.7 million more than Bieber’s 4.9 million.

Other artists following Rihanna and Bieber are PSY at No. 3 (3.1 billion views), Eminem at 4 (2.4 billion views), Lady Gaga (2.25 billion views) and Shakira (2 billion)

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