Photos: Oprah, Diddy, Kim & Kanye Hangout

Lately Oprah has been seen out mixing and mingling with some the biggest names in hip-hop. You wouldn’t have seen that a few years ago due to the fact that seem didn’t seem to find the artists, the music, or the whole hip-hop culture, for that matter, to be acceptable. But now she’s out rubbing elbows and partying with these guys?

Game recognize game, and given the fact that she’s looking to revamp and liven’ up her network, we see what she’s doing. I bet we’ll be seeing Kanye and Kim being interviewed very soon. And it wouldn’t surprise us one bit if Diddy pops up on OWN too. Afterall it wouldn’t hurt to get a little cross promotion for his new network REVOLT…

Kim Kardashian, Kanye, Diddy and Oprah

Oprah, Diddy, Kanye