Olivier Martinez Packs A Hell Of A Punch

“Daaammmmn! You got knocked the f–k out!” As Smokey would say. People have been in shock at the ass whoopin’ Halle’s new man, Olivier Martinez, gave her ex, Gabriel Aubrey. And now we know why.

According to a feature on Olivier Martinez that ran in Ocean Drive Magazine last month, he came from a family of professional boxers and was taught to fight by his father who was a boxing champ in Paris. He also bragged about having a mean left hook while telling the magazine that he would have become a boxer if it wasn’t for his acting career.

I had a good left hook — but keep that a secret!

Boxing is the ‘noble art’ — that’s the name of the game. It’s savage, but with rules, discipline, and a high sense of morality. At times, it seems like society has no morality, so I’ve always liked boxing because it is hard, it’s violent, but it’s honest.

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