[NEW VIDEO] Beyonce Teases “Grown Woman” Single In 5th Pepsi Commercial

Yesterday Beyonce dropped a new Pepsi commercial which had her fans going absolutely bananas. I swear Bey could announce that she almost tripped but regained her balance and her fans would go ape shit crazy. But thats why Pepsi keeps rockin’ with her, and why this makes her 5th commercial with the brand since 2002. tHE VIDEO already has over 1million views on Youtube…Bow Down

The new commercial features Bey battling the Beyonces of the past in the mirror and sends the message, “”Embrace your past but live for now.” The campaign is part of Pepsi’s “Live For Now” global initiative which encourages fans to capture the excitement of now.

Beyonce says of the new campaign:

I had so much fun collaborating on this campaign with Pepsi. I got to re-live some of my favorite past characters and looks. It was the first time I saw those costumes in years and it was very emotional. I’m proud of those moments and they all connect in some way and have helped me evolve into who I am today.


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