[New Music] The-Dream ft. Beyonce & 2 Chainz – ‘Turnt’

The-Dream brings out the ratchet, bedroom Bey and 2Chains is dope as usual.

check the lyrics below and listen for yourself.

People think I’m crazy but I love you cause you crazy too
Red light special, undress me under the candlelight
Turnt up in this business, watch me do all of them things you like
I’m ready to go, ready to blow like Grammy night in the back of that limousine
Billy Bob and Angeline
Turnt up, all the way to the ceiling
Burnt up, till you ain’t got no feeling
On my phone, let’s hear it
Talkin bout you gon kill it
Beat it up, until I black out,
Cash out

The-Dream, Beyonce, 2Chainz - 'Turnt'

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