Nene Leakes Slams Cynthia Bailey; She Is Weak & Devious

Looks like NeNe Leakes her good friend Cynthia Bailey are at odds…


It seems like they’re trying to get @NeNeLeakes off of #RHOA in order to bring back Kenya. Let me say this: If @NENELeakes leaves #RHOA her fans will leave with her!
She’s been there since Day One! Her shade is legendary! Bravo needs to tread lightly!


Leakes seems to have been disturbed by Bailey’s efforts to pull Moore back into the show’s fold and retweeted a number of hurtful messages launched at her fellow entrepreneur by critics on Twitter.

· Mar 12, 2019
The 2 weak chicks who she’s in an alliance with is for sure but it won’t work hunni! I said, it won’t work hunni

No one cared for Cynthia until Nene took her under her wings, she turned on Nene before & chances are she’ll do it again, wig Kim was right Cynthia is weak, that’s why she’s wanting Kenya back. Kandi still secretly hates Nenes fame on the show & wishes to hold center peach.


RT @jeriHoward8: @NeNeLeakes I think they’re plotting to get the dark and evil Kenya back. Watch your back and don’t burn bridges<YES THEY ARE! They have an alliance with her! Just watch & u Will c it? Nene NEVER lies


If NeNe leaves & that woman comes back… I AM DONE with #RHOA.

And then there was this…