Movie Review: DOPE

Dope puts a new twist on the classic coming of age story. Malcolm (played by Shameik Moore) and best friends Diggy  (Kiersey Clemons, the ride or die friend) and Jib (Tony Revolori, the realist) aren’t your typical high school students. They love 90’s hip-hop culture and its reflected in everything they do…from the way they dress even down to the slang they use. If that isn’t enough to set them apart, then surely the fact that they also formed a fairly descent punk band is. Add to that the fact that the three friends are “geeks” and you have the makings of a tough senior year.

D-boy Dom (A$AP Rocky) asks Malcolm to hook him up with the subtly sexy  Nakia (Zoë Kravitz). What happens next puts the trio to the test and the socially inept Malcolm buts heads with the dilemma of staying true to himself and conforming to societal expectations.

Fantastic movie, destined to be a classic!