The Motivated Mom Tour Super Mom Super Bowl LI Luncheon Edition


HOUSTON, TX, February 10, 2017—The Motivated Mom Tour Super Mom Super Bowl LI Luncheon Edition, powered by Prudential Financial, Inc., and supported by corporate partners Hilton Worldwide, Coca-Cola and BET Centric, scored a touchdown! in Houston, TX this past Super Bowl LI.  Over 100 attendees including moms, entrepreneurs and media professionals enjoyed a full afternoon of empowered networking at the chic red carpet event held at the Hess Club in the beautiful and bustling Galleria area.

Motivated mom Latoyia Dennis had the pleasure of hosting Johnette Patton (Usher Raymond’s mother), Crystal Wilson (Shanice’s mother), Rose Rock (Chris and Tony Rocks mother), Tyra Wardlow (Meagan Good’s mother), and Michele Thornton as the moderator on a panel geared towards women empowerment.

Women, but mothers in particular, are consumed by their kids, and tending to everyone else’s needs above their own. These moms said not today! It’s time to shift your thinking to self-restoration, and start living your BEST life! Yesss to that! A quote that resonated with me during the panel discussion was when Rose Rock, said “It’s never too late to start living your life! I’m 68, and my life isn’t over!” This really stayed with me because we all start some kind of life project that we feel isn’t quite where we want it to be, but hearing her say that gives me hope that it can get to my level of expectation.

There were all kinds of golden nuggets of information dropped throughout the evening. I really left feeling empowered and motivated to get started!