Get In The Mix w/ Tay Mitch Day 2019

“Positivity and consistency is key.”  These are words Tay Mitch embodies. These are words he lives by. These 5 words are also the reason June 4, 2019 was proclaimed Tay Mitch Day in the city of Houston!

Innovative. Dynamic. Relentless.

His expertise and notoriety as a brand influencer have made him highly sought-after by major companies looking to associate their brands with nightlife, entertainment and the millennial lifestyle across the globe.


Lounge, Tay continues putting his fresh perspective on the nightlife scene with his club events on a weekly basis. As Tay’s reputation grew, he was approached with an opportunity to become a Lifestyle Manager for the Martell brand. The luxury Cognac house was in need of a strategy to engage urban, millennial audiences in key markets like Houston. After making it through a rigorous interview process, Tay was selected for the job. Since then, Tay’s impact on the Martell brand has been undeniable. His network of connections and business acumen have helped the company secure A-list celebrity partnerships with The Migos, Issa Rae, Jhené Aiko, Wale, and many more. Tay’s efforts have earned Martell recognition from major media outlets across the country, increased sales and helped establish brand awareness. Tay’s commitment to excellence and hard work have allowed him the privilege to travel internationally to Paris and Hong Kong on behalf of Martell as well.

Tay’s latest endeavor is a brand collaboration with the Wearbrims hat company, called Crown Blanco. The stylish high-quality brim hat was designed by Tay to be affordable and is inspired by the feeling of royalty that accompanies dressing your best. Looking toward the future, Tay is excited about leaving his mark on the world by establishing his own business empires