Melanie Fiona Leaves her Record Label and Changes the Game #NewRules

Earlier this year Melanie Fiona left her label, Universal andd it looks like she’s changing the game as well, her newest video “Cold Piece” was funded by Pepsi and Complex,   and she is said to have more major deals in the works.

Peep excerpts from a new interview with The  Coveteour:

On signing her record deal: “One of the most memorable  experiences, absolutely, has to be signing my record deal. Not only for the  reason that it was what I had been working towards all the years prior, but the  story that came along with having to fly to New York to make it happen. What  was  supposed to be a quick hour and a half flight from Toronto, turned into a  13  hour re-route through Atlanta, an emergency medical landing because someone had a seizure on the plane,  and arriving in the middle of the night without  my  suitcase (that the airline had lost), with no clothes to meet the President  of  Universal Motown Records in the morning. What started out as a disaster,  turned  out to be such a beautiful, life-changing moment. It always happens that  way for  me.”

On career highlights: “Touring with Kanye West and then  touring with Alicia Keys, two of my FAVORITE artists. I also got to be a part  of  the new ‘We Are The World’ tribute for Haiti, which was so surreal. I was  singing chorus lines with Barbara Streisand, being directed by Quincy  Jones!”

On working with Roc Nation (a.k.a. Jay Z. No big deal or anything,  you guys.): “It was pretty crazy! I was actually one of their first  signees. When they approached me about management, they set up a meeting. I had  no idea that Jay Z would actually be in the meeting, so it was nerve racking  and  exciting all at the same. Having his support as a manager and as an artist  is  pretty cool, in business and as far a street credibility goes! He’s  brilliant  and having him as a resource for advice is definitely helpful along  the creative  path. Soon after I signed to them, Jay picked me as the face of  the Rocawear  Women’s line. They put a massive billboard of me from the campaign right in the middle of Times Square!  Crazy!”

On what’s next: “Right now I’m in such a great place. The  motto is ‘If it doesn’t make me happy, healthy, or creative, I’m not involved’. Staying on that path, I’ve been working on putting out free music for my fans,  while I work on my third album. It’s a great way for me to work my inner artist  and service the fans with music. I’m about to put a mini  bundle of music called ‘Free Love’. I have a song out right now off that  compilation called ‘Cold Piece’. In July, I was approached by Nike to be a part  of their Women’s Marathon in San Francisco, this October. I was completely  honored. It’s a great way for me to challenge myself in such a positive way,  for  such a important reason. I will be running for friend of mine who is battling cancer right  now.”

On dream collaborations: “Stevie Wonder. To me, he is a  living legend that has contributed so much over the years in music as well as  having a direct influence on the type of music I love and make. When Michael  Jackson and Whitney Houston died, it really put things into perspective for me.  I was devastated that I would never have the opportunity to meet them or ever  possibly work with them. I don’t want to wait till it’s too late. I’ve already  spoken to him about it… Now all that’s left is to actually make it happen. It  will.

On the best advice she’s ever received: “It was [from]  Roberta Flack. I met her one year during Grammy weekend in Los Angeles. She  said ‘Always keep your head up. It’s the moment you look down, that you’ll trip  and  fall’. It rang true for me in so many ways, at so many times. Focusing on  the  negative is the worst possible idea any artist or public figure can do. It  thrives on your spirit, and you can lose your way so easily. I would give  aspiring artists the same advice. I would also tell them to do a lot of artist  development and self-work before they decide to put themselves out there. In  other words, decide what type of artist you want to be. Whether that means  touring the world or singing at your local bar. Do what makes you  happy.


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