Mathew Knowles Sells Destiny’s Child Memorabilia

Last Friday, Mathew Knowles held a garage sale that featured many items considered Beyoncé, Kelly, Michelle and Solange memorabilia. He put the items up for sale right outside of his Midtown Houston office. A few things available to purchase is old office furniture, large posters of Beyoncé, Kelly and Michelle, t-shirts, House of Dereon clothing, cd’s and sound equipment. The sale has continued on through this week and it has been reported that there are many pieces of memorabilia still available so all of you Beyoncé stans make your way down to Music World Studios to get the goods. We’re not sure if it’s such a good idea for Mathew to sell is daughter’s items for extra cash, but hey, get money anyway you can, right? Take a look at some the items available below, more pictures at