Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta Season 4 Trailer Released

Our favorite ratchet hype show is coming back for its fourth season and the old crew will be seeing a few new faces. While Waka Flocka, Tammy, Benzino and Althea Hart are no longer dealing with the dramatics, everyone else is back including K.Michelle who spent a season in New York and had her own spin-off. Nikko’s wife will be making an appearance this season, adding fuel to the blazing square that includes Mimi, Stevie J, and Joseline. Due to the brawl lead by Joseline during the Season 3 reunion show, we won’t be seeing the Puerto Rican Princess for the first four shows. Besties Kalenna and Rasheeda will be back with their families and Scrappy will be back to balance his drama with Bambi, Erica Dixon and Erica P. The preview below highlights MiMi, Nikko, and Stevie J’s situation so be sure to check it out. Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta will be back on April 20th and we know you don’t want to miss this season!