Kendrick Lamar: ‘I Wanted A Darker Tone Girl In The Video’

The love interest and eye candy in most videos now a days seem to come as a standard complexion and look. Last month, while shooting the video for his new track, “Poetic Justice” with Drake,  Kendrick Lamar made a last minute change in the model cast as his love interest to go with a darker complexioned young lady:

He spoke about his decision with Miss Info:

We had another girl for the lead but I had an idea where I just wanted a little bit of a darker tone [girl] in the video.   It’s almost like a color blind industry where there’s only one type of appeal to the camera. It was a girl on set and I said, ‘Ask her.’

I give [Brittany Sky] the credit, too, for just being there, and being a natural, genuine young lady. She wasn’t all in the open, trying to jump in [front] of the camera. She was cool, just chilling. I always kept in the back of my mind like ‘you don’t ever see this tone of a woman in videos. No disrespect, I love all women, period. But at the same time, I still feels like it needs that balance.



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