K.Michelle and Lil Kim Beef Continues

K.Michelle opens a new can of BEEF beans everywhere she goes. A few months ago, the songstress visited Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club where she talked about the mini-drama between herself and Lil Kim when she claimed Lil Kim asked her to be her child’s Godmother. The two went at it via social media but the beef eventually died down a bit. Fast forward to K.Michelle’s second interview with The Breakfast Club when she called Lil Kim ‘plastic penny,’ and the beef has been re-hashed, this time with intense clap back from Lil Kim. Lil Kim posted the following picture and statement to her Instagram that nearly shuts down K. Michelle.


I wasn’t even going to respond to this insecure pathological lying sick psycho bitch @kmichelle @kmichellemusic I got bigger fish to fry but enough is enough. I need to put an end to this once and for all. Remember this picture y’all right? . This was the first and only time I have ever met this chick. She says I asked her this day backstage to be the Godmother of my child. If what I’m about to say doesn’t convince you of how much of a Looney Tune this chick is then I don’t know what will. You ready for this one?! NO ONE EVEN KNEW I WAS PREGNANT AT THE TIME OF THIS PICTURE… NOT EVEN MY OWN MOTHER!!!!! So why the FUCK would I ask this nobody ass Prozac popping bipolar bitch, tripping over $50 from my girl Paris @whoisparisphillips , who is a good and loyal friend, to be my child’s Godmother. Case closed. I don’t want to hear about this shit again. You’re done. And as far as you talking about the presence that I grace in front of peasants like you. Surely jealousy and hate is the reason why haters like you attack my image which never stops nothing!!! Cause I’m moving out here!!! and niggas love me!!!! Chicks like you who pretend to love me just really wanna be me. My mother always told me never argue with a crazy person because from a distance you can’t tell who the crazy one is. So stop trying to use me as a respirator to sell whatever you got going on at the time but I am into giving back to the community so here’s my charity donation to you. I heard you dropped an album and I wish you all the success in the world and I hope you sell a ton of records. Let’s get ready for the new year y’all !!!! #lilkim #kmichelle #toasttoabeautifulandprosperousnewyear


Ok then Queen Bee! We hope they are able to work through their situation and be friends again. K.Michelle’s new album Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart is in stores now.