Joseline Goes In On Tamar Via Twitter After Shade Is Thrown!

During the premiere of Tiny’s new talk show called Tiny Tonight  Tamar and Claudia Jordan decided to take shots at Joseline, who wasn’t even there , for no reason what so ever.

Apparently, they began talking about reality TV in general, and Claudia and Tamar started clowning and saying Joseline was a man…again. The comments got back to Joseline and the Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta star immediately responded via Twitter saying, “I fight old hoes.”
and then Joseline hit ’em with some of this:

She rode their asses like a show pony throughout the show, finally ending with:

“These throwback ho$& is clowns! Say something bout me I’m going to go in on you publicly with a vengeance I don’t give a f$&@! Respect who”

LMAO, and to prove that the only person you can trust is yourself, Tamar threw Claudia under the bus and retweeted a couple of the digs at Claudia Jordan as well.

Tiny Tonight 2012

Via GlobalGrind

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