Jeezy’s Gun Charges Have Been Dropped

In August, Young Jeezy and few people on his payroll were arrested charged with multiple crimes including an illegal weapons charged. The charges stemmed from an incident that took place backstage at a show he and Wiz Khalifa headlined in California where a bystander was fatally shot. It was confirmed that Jeezy and his camp had nothing to do with the death of the person killed but his tour bus was inspected and police found weapons but they were cleared by authorities days before his arrest. He along with his associates spent four days in jail until everyone’s bond was paid and Jeezy’s bond alone was a whopping $1 million. A California judge dismissed all charges due to evidence of Jeezy and his security director having lawful ownership of the weapons. Young Jeezy released this statement for fans:

“I pray this had nothing to do with race but it definitely had nothing to do with evidence. Words cannot express how vindicated I feel with these charges being dismissed today,” states Jay Jenkins (aka Jeezy). “While my team and I always knew that the allegations and charges were based on zero facts, the rush to judgment by both the media and the police has been extremely disappointing.  I’m relieved that the truth has ultimately prevailed and I would like to thank those who have always stood by me including my family and fans.