Over the weekend multi-platinum artist, entrepreneur and philanthropist Jeezycontinued his Street Dreamz Motivation Tourat I.C. Norcom High School

speaking to students about gun violence awareness in an effort to promote peace. The tour which started out at Motivational Edge in Miami, Florida is a passion project for Jeezy where he goes and speaks to students and young adults in inner cities to promote living positively and pursuing their dreams. I.C. Norcom is a historically black high school based in Portsmouth & Jeezy felt compelled to visit the school due to the rapid increase of gun violence in Portsmouth/Norfolk area and the lack of extracurricular activities available to keep the students occupied and off the streets. Jeezy spoke to a packed house alongside James Boyd (NAACP President), Lisa Lucas-Burke (Vice Mayor), Dr. Elie Bracy III (Superintendent of Portsmouth Public Schools), Senator L. Louise Lucas & more.

We’re here to help one another” said Jeezy as he took the microphone to deliver a powerful & heartfelt speech. “I’ve seen a lot of mistakes that have cost people their lives and have cost people their freedom” he continued. “I don’t know you personally but I can look you in your eyes and tell you that I believe in each and every one of you and that I want you to believe in yourself like I believe in you.”

Jeezy later continued his message in an Instagram post saying:
“I couldn’t help but to see a lot of me in them. I understand their struggles and obstacles. Staying alive being one, thinking that what they see everyday is the end all be all. Just know there Is a whole world out there waiting on you and believing in yourself will be the fuel you need to explore it. Keep going!”