Jamila Woods Casts Soulful Spell On Houston

What a way to kick the week off. Jamila Woods dropped in at The Studio at Houston’s Warehouse Live as part of her LEGACY! LEGACY! tour. The spell was cast with her soulful opening lines. There’s an aura of strength, confidence, and keen intellect that serves to bolster Jamila’s regal bearing

and this aura radiated from the intimate stage the moment she touched the mic and took her first breath. As the music rose and her voice danced and intertwined with the melodies, the crowd was drawn in and drifted closer almost involuntarily, captivated by her powerfully stirring tones.

Each track on LEGACY! LEGACY! is named after a poet, artist, or musician and draws inspiration from a specific instance or piece of work in their career. And each track serves to reinforce the inherent strength of these cultural icons.  Jamila was a double major at Brown University in Africana Studies and Theater and Performance Studies and here is where that sexy intellect is allowed to play.

Check out a few tracks below