Earlene Buggs, Felicia Henderson & Christina Murray kick off the launch of their new talk show Closet Chats with a bang.

Houston- With the lady’s unfiltered style, their goal is to inspire viewers by articulating things they may not be able to and providing a safe space for those “difficult” societal conversations to happen.

Viewers will enjoy the transparency of the hosts as they reveal their personal experiences and thoughts all from the comfort of their own closet.
Thats right, the setting for these dialogues is an actual closet…because as many can relate, when women gather to get dressed to go to any function the closet becomes a hub of activity and a center for frank, intimate conversations. Thus Closet Chats.
Many well known socialites and personalities were in attendence including Isaac Yowman, Emmy Award Winning Chauncy Glover, Pastor Keion Henderson, Pastor Mia Wright, Holton Buggs, CleRenda McGrady, J Mulan , Patt Smith (Author & wife of Emmit Smith, Theresa Roemer, &Twiler Portis.
Peep the pics below and for more information and to watch the latest episodes of Closet Chats please visit 
Isaac Yowman
Chauncy Glover
cast of Closet Chats (l to r) Felicia Henderson, Earlene Buggs, Christina Murray
Holton & Earlene Buggs
Theresa Roemer
Dr. Ireshea Hillard
Twiler Portis
J Mulan
Pastor Mia Wright
Patt Smith
CleRenda McGrady