Carribean vibes fill the air as we approach the Last Concert Cafe. It’s well after dark and a light mist has begun to swirl amidst a gentle breeze that rustles the trees. We’re standing in the middle of a sandy dance floor. This fenced in oasis blocks out the rest of downtown Houston and almost succeeded in convincing us that we were on a secluded Jamaican beach. Green, yellow, blue, orange, and purple lights beam from the stage and reflect off the drifting water droplets like tiny jewels.

And then you hear it.

The rich, soulful, full-bodied voice of Grammy Award nominated reggae artist, Etana.

Men, women and children rush to the beach…er, we mean the dance floor and it no longer feels like a concert. It’s a beach party amongst family and we’re all invited.

Uniting people through her impactful songwriting and voice is a gift that few have and one that Etana is poignantly aware of. Which is why she takes such care in crafting her stories and music.

Following her performance, and after she took time to meet and take photos with every fan that wanted one, we sat down with Etana who was still riding the high from being on stage and talked with her about Reggae Forever, her resposibility to tell real stories, skin bleaching in Jamaica and if the old Jamaican saying about being knock kneed and having a tight…is true.