Donald Trump running for President??

Early Tuesday morning, the world was given an announcement that the famous real-estate mogul Donald Trump was running for President in the 2016 Presidential Election. After being introduced by his daughter Ivanka Trump, he started by telling the audience that the American dream is dead but he would bring it back. Trump went so far as boasting about his own personal wealth on how he would just slide into the Oval Office come 2016 – saying that he was so rich he could afford to ignore vested interests.

‘I don’t need anybody’s money. It’s nice,’ he said, claiming he would be immune to big business and lobbyists because he has so much of his own cash in the bank. Basically saying that he can’t be bought. 

Donald Trump was joined by his many children and grandchildren on stage making many promises to the world. He pledges to create millions of jobs, make America rich and defeat its enemies overseas and keep back Mexican immigrants by building a giant wall. Donald Trump’s cocky announcement even took shots at the Obama administration.  ‘How stupid are our leaders! How stupid are they?’ he even took shots at Rick Perry and Rick Santorum’s campaign. As for what he could do for the country, Trump said he would be the ‘greatest jobs president God ever created.’ After listening to the press conference of this big announcement, I’m not sure what to think of his bid to run, but HE GOT MONEY and he’s ready to tell the Obama administration YOU’RE FIRED!!!

Will you be voting for BOLD and RICH Donald Trump??