DAAAMN! Ariana Grande Paying Rodgers & Hammerstein 90% Of ‘7 Rings’ Earnings

Using one of music’s most iconic tunes comes with a hefty price tag, just ask Ariana Grande.

The Grammy-winner – who just saw her latest hit, ‘7 Rings,’ return to the top of the Hot 100 for its 6th non-consecutive week– knows all too well about the cost of such ventures as ‘Rings’ contains reinterpretations of Rodgers & Hammerstein (the songwriters who penned ‘My Favorite Things’ from the iconic ‘Sound of Music’ soundtrack).

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And, while modern acts like Soulja Boy and Princess Nokia allege they’re due a piece of the ‘Rings’ royalties pie, Rodgers & Hammerstein – two of 10 credited writers on the Grande hit – take so much of it there’s barely a slice left for anyone else, including Ariana.

The song is credited to a total of 10 writers. But two of them — Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II — control 90 percent of the songwriting royalties, a remarkable split that reflects the value of evergreen song catalogs, and of the negotiating leverage their owners have when pop stars come seeking permission