Creative Recreation FA17 Hits the Streets





Creative Recreation’s Fall 2017 collection is inspired by young creatives who strive to leave their mark on the world. Launching July 6th, the line will be available in male and female silhouettes, which prioritize the brand’s core belief that creativity matters.


“Creative Recreation has always been about embracing the creative community,” said Vance Hayes, President and General Manager of Creative Recreation. “This Fall campaign is an evolution of the creative spirit that continues to move our brand forward. We have embraced working with a variety of different individuals that are in the spirit of our core values.”

Each of the six distinct personalities embody a unique blend of artistic backgrounds, helping organically define the latest evolution of the footwear brand. For their Fall 2017 line, Creative Recreation turns their attention toward rising creatives as they push the boundaries of their craft.


Up first is San Diego native Rob $tone, who first shook hip-hop fans with his debut single, “Chill Bill,” which debuted in the US Billboard Hot 100. In September 2016, $tone released his second mixtape, which he is currently touring the country with.

Leaf, a fashion-forward rapper who recently signed with Fool’s Gold Records/RPM MSC, reaches the female fans of Creative Recreation via her compelling lyrics and contemporary perspective of feminism, anime and genre-blending hip-hop. This powerful Brooklyn native released her debut EP in 2015, and has since collaborated with Lil Yachty and Action Bronson. Today, she works to counteract demeaning hip-hop lyrics by writing her own dynamic tracks. Leaf has been drawn to the diversity of the Fall 2017 line, commenting “I think most girls recreate themselves every time they step out of the door. Every morning you wake up and you want to be something new.”

Dreezy completes this roster with her truly inspirational rise to success. The “Princess of Chicago Rap” grew up on the South Side and studied fine arts and songwriting to help overcome the adversities of growing up in the rough neighborhood she called home. Today, Dreezy has released multiple albums, mixtapes, and singles.