Chris Brown Deletes His Twitter After Profanity Laden Feud With Female “Comedian”

One Twitter follower pushed Breezy to his limits and prompted the mostly reformed artist into a heated exchange with a comedic writer looking for some attention, who goes by the name of Jenny Johnson on twitter. The verbal tongue lashing resulted in Chris eventually deleting his twitter account all together.  Meanwhile, the ignorant ass “comedian”, and we use that term loosely, received thousands of death threats from his fans.

It all started when Breezy tweeted a photo of himself with the caption, “I look old as f—! I’m only 23.”  Jenny Johnson responded, “I know! Being a worthless piece of sh-t can really age a person” …AND IT WAS ON FROM THERE:

Chris Brown [at Jenny]:Take them teeth out when u Sucking my d— HOE

Jenny [at Chris Brown]: It’s ‘HO’ not ‘HOE’ you ignorant f—!

Chris Brown [at Jenny]: I should fart while ur giving me top.

Jenny [at Chris Brown] : Your mom must be so proud of you.

Chris Brown [at Jenny]: see.. I don’t even have to tell u what u already know. Thanks HO! #bushpig

He continued:

The funniest sh-t is not giving a f-ck!

Diaries of a thirsty b-tch! Ur life sucks so much ass!

Let me leave this b-tch alone…It’s good to know my worth by listening to a b-tch that is worthless! #iwin #bushpigswag

TeamBreezy had fun today!!!! OHB Outta here b-tch!

Just Ask Rihanna Is She Mad???????

Meanwhile, on Rihanna’s side of the Twitterverse, she tweeted a photo collage of how many times the Jenny Johnson chick had tweeted Chris Brown mean-spirited things over the past 2 years. She included the caption,  “How does one find the time? We gotta do better than this!!”


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