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[PHOTOS] Official New “Love & Hip-Hop” Cast Revealed

Are you ready for another season of hot, ghetto mess? If so then get prepared for Mona Scott’s next installment of Love & Hip-Hop (season 3). The new season premieres January 7th at 8pm on Vh1.

Only three original cast members remain, Yandy, Olivia and Erica. The cast has been rounded out with Joe Budden and Tahiry, former G.O.O.D. Music rapper Consequence, Raqi Thunda, Jen “The Pen” Bayer, Winter Ramos, & Rashidah Ali.
If you don’t know who the hell most of these guys and girls are, you’re not alone, check the break down below: Continue reading “[PHOTOS] Official New “Love & Hip-Hop” Cast Revealed” »
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[PHOTOS] Eva Langoria Is Back and Sexy As Hell

It was just the other day that we were sitting around wondering where Eva Lanogoria has been (ok, not really, but after seeing this …). and now we know. She has been off the radar getting sexy as hell!  Eva graced the cover of GQ Mexico for the December edition and lefth our toungths hanging… Continue reading “[PHOTOS] Eva Langoria Is Back and Sexy As Hell” »

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[PHOTOS] Chris Brown REALLY Likes Weed

Chris Breezy and his boys got higher than that guy that went sky diving from the edge of space! Breezy and his crew are on tour in Berlin and stopped of in Amsterdam to partake in a little herb incineration. While living the high life, the crew took to smoking out of bongs, rolling papers and basically lighting up everything that can be smoked and burned.

He shared the experience via instagram. Check the “High” lights below: Continue reading “[PHOTOS] Chris Brown REALLY Likes Weed” »

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[PHOTOS] Wendy Williams Get Naked for PETA

How you doin’!

Wendy Williams has taken it all off as part of PETA’s latest  “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” campaign.  As part of her partnership with PETA, Wendy will be featured on a billboard in Times Square.

In the behind-the-scenes video for the photo shoot, she revealed: (Pics Below!) Continue reading “[PHOTOS] Wendy Williams Get Naked for PETA” »

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[PHOTOS] Draya Michele & Trey Songz Get Cuddley Close

Trey Songz was out celebrating his birthday last night with sexy Basketball Wives: LA star Draya Michele. The two looked pretty close in the photos Draya instagrammed last night. Could there be something brewing between the two?

We hope not! We called dibbs first!