Canal Street- Guilty Until Proven Innocent: Interviews w/ Rhyann Lamarr x Bishop Garnes

Bishop Garnes said it best during our conversation with him, “This is a film designed for conversation.”

Canal Street is touted as a modern-day thriller, which truth be told, is basically a day in the life of being a black man in America. Co-writer, director and producer, Rhyan Lamarr weaves an intriguing  story of a teen, Kholi Styles, trying to get by in an unwelcoming new world; he moves into an affluent, white neighborhood.  After the mysterious death of a classmate, all eyes fall on Kholi, the new kid at his high school. It’s up to his father, Jackie Styles, an up-and-coming lawyer from the slums of Chicago, to defend his son in court and battle an outraged public before time runs out. Jackie fights to keep his faith and prove his son is not the monster the world has made him out to be.

We got a sneak peek ahead of the January 18, 2019 release date and while there is still some editing yet to be done, the version we saw left us feeling militant as hell. While this is a faith based film, it didn’t feel overly preachy or predictable. The scenarios and predicaments Bryshere Gray’s character, Kholi, found himself in lends themselves to discussions which inevitably lead to the question “would the character have been treated the same way if he was white?”

We spoke with the film’s co-writer and director, Rhyan Lamarr and its executive producer, Bishop Garnes about creating the film, why they feel timing is everything, and how important it is to “reach people where they are.”


Cast members: Bryshere Y. Gray, Woody McClain, Lance Reddick, Mekhi Phifer, Michael Beach, Jon Seda and more!

Canal Street Movie Teaser from Canal Street Movie on Vimeo.