Cam’ron Reveals ‘First of the Month’ Episodes

Harlem emcee Cam’ron claimed to always “have a brick up [his] sleeve.” Now Cam’ has acting up his sleeve.
Beginning in 2014, the CEO of Harlem-based Diplomat Records will release a slew of episodes called “First Of The Month.” The episodes will come with that witty, kilo music that Killa’ Cam’ is known for.
“What I’m doing is I’m working on a series right now it’s called ‘First Of The Month’,” Cam’ron said. “And what I’mma start doing is instead of like putting out a movie every month, I mean every year or two years, etc. we’re doing like 30-minute episodes where it comes out on the first of the month and the name of the series is ‘First Of The Month.’ And we gon’ put music out every month with the series. Right now I’m working on a deal figuring out where we gonna distribute it at, but it’ll definitely be out the top of the year in January.”
In an interview with Hoodrich Radio, Cam’ said conflicting schedules has delayed the release of new Diplomat music. “Well, you know we all good with each other,” Cam said. “It’s about everybody—everybody still got a lot going on. You know what I’m saying? It’s about everybody being on the same page and not being busy.”

Oct. 1, Cam’rom released “Ghetto Heaven Vol.1,” which features artists 2 Chainz and Shy Boogs.

Words By: Darryl Robertson