Ever since Beyonce and hubby Jay-Z wrapped up the The Carter Tour back in March the Beyhive and even the haters have been waiting for

something EPIC to come about. All year long I felt as if the Carter’s were teasing the fans and stans by being more social in the public eye, showing more of their daughter Blue Ivy, releasing new songs exclusivly on Tidal and such! So imagine to my surprise when I saw the clip from “Good Morning America’ where Queen Bey said she has something to share with us!! OMG OMG OMG (I started sending out my beyhive text blast).

I was so excited I made sure I had my timer/alarm/DVR set to see what the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT was that she JUST HAD TO SHARE WITH US!

The teaser voiceover adds: “Tomorrow morning Beyonce has something amazing she wants you to know. You’re gonna love it.”

Was she pregnant?! Going on tour? Head Lining a Destiny Child Reunion Tour OR EVEN releasing a nursery rhyme album featuring Blue Ivy! But instead we got an announcement about Bey’s new 22 Day Revolution vegan diet and food delivery service. *BLANK STARE*



OK I can definitely understand that this diet has helped improve her looks and health, but from the way the famous BEYHIVE responded they were greatly disappointed to the point where they were adding food emojis under her Instagram pictures.  With this let down of breaking news I will be playing some sort of Beyonce playlist on Tidal to ease the pain. What did you think of the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT? Comment and let us know!


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