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Chris Brown Splits With Karrueche

The Chris Brown- Karrueche- Rihanna love triangleis finally over.
After stringing his poor girlfriend along for months while he crept around with his ex Rihanna, Chris has finally decided to end his hot mess of a relationship. He released a statement to select media outlets earlier today that read: Continue reading “Chris Brown Splits With Karrueche” »

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Terrance Howard Gets Hot with The Big O!

Inbetween running  her new network OWN (the Oprah Winfrey Network), the Big O has been down in New Orleans shooting a new Lee Daniels film, titled ‘The Butler’.  In it she plays the wife of Forrest Whitaker’s character, a butler who served 8 presidents over a course of 30 years, and it would seem from the spoiler that her character is engaged in a little extra-marital hanky panky with Terrance’s character.

Continue reading “Terrance Howard Gets Hot with The Big O!” »

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Marcus Manchild : Space god?

Make sure you grab a copy of the latest issue. Here’s an excerpt from out entertaining interview with H-town rapper, Marcus Manchild.

What movie do you watch over and over again and why?

A movie I watch over and over…ummm,shit, oh that’s a good one. Superbad!  Superbad, I watch that damn movie all the time, that Continue reading “Marcus Manchild : Space god?” »