And the saga continues.

50 has not forgotten about the $30,000 he’s owed from the “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” star. He had Teairra served with legal papers and then posted a video of a process server approaching her at the airport.

Fiff captioned the post “You cannot run from the Law, you have been served,” “Better give me my money B!tch.”

50 has been pursuing the money is owed from Mari since winning the revenge porn lawsuit filed against him by the “Love & Hip Hop” star. In January, a Los Angeles judge dismissed all claims against the rapper and ordered that Mari pay $30,618 to cover part of 50’s legal bills.

50 has been granted an order for Mari to show up to court and provide financial records, so he can determine which assets can be seized to pay off the debt. He wants a financial examination of her income, bank accounts, and property.

The judge agreed to the request and Mari has been ordered to show up on April 22. If she doesn’t show up to the hearing, she could be punished for contempt and/or arrested